Simple Directed Graph in Python

This is a work in progress, there’s a lot of complex questions you can ask about graphs, but I though it was neat that you could produce an actual graphy looking thing in so few lines of code. This is a directed graph, and you use the graph object to first create nodes, and then define (unweighted) edges between them or to themselves. The __repr__() method just lists the node data, whatever that is, with an ASCII arrow pointing to another node’s data.

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Singly Linked List in Python

I was reading about data structures this evening and I worked out simple singly linked list. The neat thing about this implementation is that a I made it iterable, also. I’d originally wanted to provide a minimal working singly linked list, and then add features and testing with explanations, but it’s been a long day. This example assumes that you’re using Python2.7; version 3 provides a __next__ class method.

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