Using find and xargs

In regular linux or unix you can recursively find the files in a subdirectory and apply some utility with arguments on them using xargs as,

find <dir> -type f | xargs <utilitiy> <args>

If the filenames in <dir> have spaces, quotation marks, or other characters in their filenames that make xargs barf, then you can use the following.

find <dir> -type f print0 | xargs -0 <utility> <args>

That should totally work–unless you’re on SunOS, then you have to do,

find <dir> -type f -exec <utility> <args> {} +

It looks crazy, I know, but that’s the honest truth.

Using Optional Values in Swift

Optional Values

Swift has a nil keyword that is sort of like the None keyword in Python; however, regular variables and constants cannot be nil. In order for a variable to be nil, it must be initialized as an optional. (Constants cannot be nil or optional.) An optional is decalred by appending a question mark the variable type. For example, the two statements below are equivalent.

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Installing Canvas for Node on OSX

I’d like to work with Processing.js, but I had trouble installing the canvas dependency. This should be as easy as,

$ npm install canvas

But there’s a thingy that doesn’t work in Homebrew. I found the answer in this thread on their GitHub. On OSX you have to call this command before you can install canvas:

$ export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/opt/X11/lib/pkgconfig

Then we can install canvas and processing using npm like we’d expect.